My Body My Celebrationis a self-paced 21 Day Online Program that utilizes evidence-based strategies to foster a positive body image. It presents practical daily exercises that work to peel back the many layers of shame, cultivate compassion for oneself, and build self-acceptance. My Body My Celebration includes mirror exercises, experiential therapy exercises, and writing activities designed for treating body image dissatisfaction. It helps you realign with your personal body image strengths and learn to celebrate your unique body. The treatment strategies utilized can effectively be applied to all genders.

Disclaimer: This program is not a replacement to therapy. This program serves as educational purposes only. This program does not address eating disorders. If you believe you are suffering with an eating disorder please seek therapy services from a licensed medical professional.

If you’re ready to heal your relationship with your body, you’re in the right place!

This program is for you if:

  • You have a body
  • You want to feel comfortable in your body
  • You want to stop criticizing yourself
  • You want to stop avoiding people, places, and/or events
  • You want to feel at peace when you look in the mirror
  • You are committed to improving your relationship with your body, once-and-for-all
  • You want to reach body acceptance and body liberation so that you can live a fulfilling life

Hi there, I’m Channing!

I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor, and founder of Jones Wellness Center. I specialize in treating eating disorders and negative body image. I am passionate about helping men and women develop a healthy relationship with themselves, their bodies, and food. For the past 6 years, I have helped thousands of individuals overcome not feeling “good enough” and live authentically, and confidently, in their current body.

You have the power to be the person who takes up space confidently, honor your needs, provide the nutrients your body is asking for, and live from a place of freedom and unconditional love. It would be my honor to walk with you on your journey to body liberation.

What people are saying:

Why this program works:

✔️ Practical exercises that can be practiced daily within minutes

✔️ Evidence-based techniques to improve body image

✔️ Simple skills to change how you feel in your body

✔️ Compassionate strategies to improve self-talk and perception

What you will learn:

Day 1 — How to neutralize and overcome critical thoughts

Day 2 — Unveil the root of your personal body image dissatisfaction

Day 3 — How to rebuild your relationship with your body

Day 4 — Dismantle common self-defeating beliefs

Day 5 — Identifying and releasing your personal triggers

Day 6 — How to build compassionate self-talk

Day 7 — Identifying and replacing fat talk, shame, and fat phobia

Day 8 — Recognizing and releasing self-sabotaging behaviors

Day 9 — How to reconnect with your body

Day 10 — How to get comfortable with uncomfortable emotions

Day 11 — How to build deeper compassion for yourself

Day 12 — Create a fulfilling life through intentional living

Day 13 — How to manage a bad body image day

Day 14 — Acceptance and body celebration

Day 15 — Accepting the wholeness of you

Day 16 — Work through common distortions

Day 17 — Reconnect with the present moment

Day 18 — The importance of body language

Day 19 — How to respond to triggering statements

Day 20 — How to rebuild your relationship between movement and food

Day 21 — Redefine your beauty

Let’s do this!

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